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Here at Kate & Co. Wellness, our mission is to provide support and bring awareness to our customers’ health journey with carefully curated wellness tools and solutions that nourish the mind, body, soul, and planet Earth.  We are an environment for growth, in more ways than one.


I'm Kate.

Owner of Kate & Co.

I so strongly believe that health and wellness are a beautiful, symbiotic relationship.  Health is not just what we eat and how we exercise, it is what we put into our bodies physically, emotionally, spiritually, and how we treat our environment around us, both in between the walls of our home and our beautiful planet Earth.  


100% Non-Toxic Nano-Hydroxyapatite Remineralizing Mint Toothpaste

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A place to learn, grow & heal

Have you heard about structured water?  Don't know where to start working out?

Check out our blog for manageable lifestyle tips to lead a healthier, more sustainable life.

We're constantly adding to our blog.  Don't forget to check back often!

Dumbbells Fitness Tips
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