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More About Me, Katie Taylor
Health & Wellness Small Business Owner

Founder & CEO of Kate & Co. Wellness

I am not a doctor, dietician or a healer.  I'm a person who has been on her own wellness journey for a long time and I'm here sharing with you.  Not as an expert, but as someone to walk alongside you in your own journey.  Someone who has been intrigued by, researched, tried, kept and left lots of health tools and practices.  So please don't be overwhelmed by what I share.  Everything here is  either currently serving me or has served me in a great way before.   

What I share is not the path of quick fixes or supplements.  Health is a journey.  It's a process of peeling back layer by layer.  Discovering what is manageable and sustainable for your life and, most importantly, what makes your body and spirit feel good.  

I'm so glad you're here with me! 

<3 Kate

PS -  I also v. strongly believe there's always a reason to drink champagne!

So cheers to health & happiness, my friends!

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