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How I celebrate Earth Day!

First off, I don’t celebrate Earth Day ONLY on Earth Day....

I celebrate Earth Day EVERYDAY!! 😊 Here’s how I support Mother Earth daily in my life.



Composting is one of my favorite things to do.  I’m not even kidding.  It’s so oddly satisfying and it feels so good to know that my food isn’t wasting away in a landfill contributing nothing to the Earth.  I love being able to add in my finished compost to my gardens to add biodiversity to the soil. 

Better Soil = Better Health (am I right, Rodale Institute?!)

Here’s a quick video on my composting process.  

I’ve upgraded to a compost bin with pallets that I got for free and about 20 minutes of my time.  But before that I started with just a 5 gallon bucket!


♻ Reusable Bags!

One day I thought about how many plastics bags I’ve saved by bringing my own bags  every time I go shopping.  And ya know what?! I was really proud of myself!!

I may be 1 person, but 1 person doing small things over time will make a huge impact!  

Here's a video tip for anyone who says they forget their bags all the time too!


🌼Annnnddd one of my other favoritest ways to honor the Earth.

Planting native flowers!

Did you know that planting non-native flowers doesn’t actually help support ecological biodiversity? Without eco-logical biodiversity, we do not have the insects necessary to pollinate our crops and without them,  we would have no crops.  So there’s that.

Many of our native wildlife, especially birds, butterflies, and pollinators  can only feed & survive off the plants they’ve co-evolved with.  

Native plants are well adapted to our climate and soils because they evolved here. If your garden lacks native plants, it essentially becomes an ecological desert to the pollinators.

Because I’m a lazy gardener, here are some of my favorite PERENNIAL natives that I have around my yard:

1) Swamp Milkweed (Amazing alternative to the very popular butterfly bush)

4) Beebalm (beautiful, unique flower to add to arrangements too!)

5) Switch Grass (Not a flower, but a great filler that adds texture, winter interest and a great place for pollinators to overwinter)

And hello! Bonus! Native plants are easier to maintain because they're MEANT TO THRIVE in that environment. They will require less water & less tending.


I would love to hear how you like to celebrate Earth Day! Let me know in the comments or email me at

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